"Wiscon-Sing," a musical history of Wisconsin
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Drawing by Gini Adamson, Colored by Dione Jahnke

Wisconsin troubadour David HB Drake has spent over thirty years presenting concerts at fine arts centers, festivals, schools, community centers and concert stages throughout the Midwest. This panorama of history, natural beauty and discovery is performed on guitar, concertina, dulcimer, banjo, and Native American Flute.  David is regularly seen at festivals and tourism sites such as Irish Fest, Bastille Days, County Fairs and local Festivals, Old World Wisconsin and Milwaukee's Pier Wisconsin.

David's original songs can be heard on the "Simply Folk" programs on Wisconsin Public Radio, and he has been played on folk radio programs from Victoria BC to the Netherlands. David has performed on tall ships on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Great Lakes and is the resident musician for the Wisconsin flagship, the Lake schooner "Denis Sullivan."


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